Civil Liberties

West’s Fatal Intellectual Poverty

The United States and its NATO allies are facing an existential threat. But the threat has nothing to do with Russia, China, or any other external “enemy” for that matter. The West’s own worst enemy is itself. Or more precisely, the intellectual bankruptcy of its political and military leaders and their dominant public discourse.

An American Prophet (Chris Hedges) Is Vindicated

I’m not the only person to note that if Jesus ever actually showed up in America it would be our “Christians” who would shout him down — if, that is, he talked about peace and the horror of an imperial nation addicted to war. “Blessed are the peacemakers”? No thanks! If you ever want to […]

America is Tired

The major takeaway from the US Presidential election, and from the events which have shaped the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s Presidency – both his actions and the reactions of his opponents – is that America is tired. It is not difficult to see why since the US has for decades been behaving in […]

Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House. Unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead earlier this week, the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone…    Clinton Body Count +5 in […]

Gestapo America

FBI Director James Comey got Hillary off the hook but wants to put you on it. He is pushing hard for warrantless access to all of your Internet activity, Comey, who would have fit in perfectly with Hitler’s Gestapo, tells Congress that the United States is not safe unless the FBI knows when every American […]

Political Energy Electrifies Nevada Ahead of Bellwether Caucus

The Clinton campaign has been trying to lower expectations, spuriously painting Nevada as a largely-white state amid a Sanders surge. Nevada’s unpredictable electorate and “fractured Latino vote” are in the spotlight on the eve of the state’s Democratic caucus,

Leaking Classified Info Not Such a Big Deal (Except When Whistleblowers Do It)

In what some are calling another example of a two-tiered justice system, the Pentagon said Friday that it would not demote Retired General David Petraeus, who was convicted in 2015 of leaking classified information to his biographer and mistress.

“Snowden Treaty” drafted to end mass surveillance, protect whistleblowers worldwide

Two years after Edward Snowden leaked information about the US government’s mass surveillance to reporter Glenn Greenwald, the two were joined by other journalists and leaders to draft an international pact for privacy rights called the Snowden Treaty. Officially called The International Treaty on the Right to Privacy, Protection Against Improper Surveillance and Protection of […]

Iowa cops shot unarmed bystander 5 times, lied about the incident

A newly released video exposes the lie of cops who shot at a black man they said had struck an officer with his car. However, the man had posed no threat, was not a suspect and was never subsequently charged. On April 5, witnesses of a fist fight at the New World Bar and Grill […]

Losing the American Republic | Consortiumnews

Decades of letting neocons dictate a hawkish foreign policy have put the American Republic in profound danger, just as presidents from George Washington to Dwight Eisenhower predicted, warnings that Americans must finally take to heart, says ex-U.S. diplomat William R. Polk. In The Financial Times of April 23, Philip Stephens begins a perceptive article with […]

NSA’s telephone metadata collection not authorized by Patriot Act – appeals court

The collection of telephone metadata by US intelligence services “exceeds the scope of what Congress has authorized,” a federal appeals court has ruled in a major blow to the National Security Agency. On Thursday, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit said the American Civil Liberties Union can sue the director of national […]

80% whistleblower retaliation claims ignored in biased, “Trojan horse” system

The number of whistleblowers being retaliated against is increasing every year as former federal workers warn its almost impossible to raise grievances through official avenues within the government, a new report reveals. Among the employees and contractors working for the United States military and the American intelligence community, more than 8,700 have filed claims since […]

Video shows NYPD officer taking $1,300 from man, then pepper-spraying him

Video has surfaced appearing to show a New York City police officer taking $1,300 from a man who says he was robbed and then pepper-sprayed by the cop during a stop-and-frisk last month that ended without arrest. The New York Daily News published exclusive video of the September 16 incident on Wednesday this week and […]

The Why of Obama’s Failed Hope | Consortiumnews

The election of Barack Obama in 2008 brought hope and optimism to Americans and non-Americans alike. But after one and a half terms, the reality is sinking in that for all the promised change, it’s the “same old, same old.” The big question is why, writes Australian Greg Maybury. For folks who were fans of […]

Assange sneaks into US conference… as full-body 3D hologram! (VIDEO)

ulian Assange has transcended the confinement of his Ecuadorian embassy asylum to attend the 2014 Nantucket Project – as a hologram. In his ghostly entirety Assange was speaking about censorship, control and manipulation of history. Speaking with filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, Assange closed the 2014 event, sharing his thoughts on importance of research and free access […]



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