Americans save $9 on sushi but aren’t ready to demand affordable healthcare

US citizens are joining up to save a few bucks on food, but when it concerns unity over affordable healthcare they call it socialism, says Max Keiser of Keiser Report. He thinks they are brainwashed by the mainstream media. In this episode of the Keiser Report, the show’s hosts, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss […]

We’ve Reached “Never Never Land” Accounting

There is good reason people are going to real assets. The U.S. government is “missing” $21 trillion between the DOD and HUD. This fact was uncovered by Fitts and economist Dr. Mark Skidmore last year. What was the government’s answer to this gigantic accounting fraud that is the size of the federal deficit? Give the […]

Duke Energy dam fails in North Carolina, coal ash leaking into river

Hurricane Florence floodwaters have breached the dam at a retired Duke Energy coal power plant near Wilmington, North Carolina, likely causing a spill of coal ash into Cape Fear River. Floodwaters topped the earthen dike at the northern side of Sutton Lake on Friday. Water from the south end of the lake is flowing back […]

Infowars says PayPal has terminated agreement with it for promoting ‘hate’

Payment processing service PayPal has banned Alex Jones’s InfoWars, saying that the site “promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance” and thus violated their use policy. InfoWars itself broke the news on Friday, saying that PayPal sent them an email the day before informing Jones of the decision.

US Military Air Squadron Expansion Promises Billions in New Costs

Senior US Air Force leaders said this week 74 new squadrons and some 40,000 personnel are needed to address what they called future threats. When asked by lawmakers,”What do you need to execute the National Defense Strategy,” US Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said Monday that the service will need a lot more money, without […]

Chris Hedges: Are We Witnessing The Collapse Of The American Empire?

Steve Paikin, host of the TVOntario (TVO) program The Agenda with Steve Paikin, speaks with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, a vociferous public critic of presidents on both sides of the American political spectrum, and author of the new book, America, the Farewell Tour. Hedges delivers the biting assessment of the state of American democracy […]

US Navy Aware of Russian Il-20 Crash, Ready to Provide Assistance if Needed

WASHINGTON – The US Navy 6th Fleet is informed about the deadly crash of the Russian Il-20 in the Mediterranean near Syria and is ready to provide assistance at sea to any country if needed, the 6th Fleet’s public affairs officer, Cmdr. Kyle Raines, told Sputnik.

Daesh Used Rudimentary Chemical Weapons in Terror Attacks – US State Department

WASHINGTON – Daesh used rudimentary chemical weapons and encouraged sympathizers to use whatever other weapon at their disposal to carry out terrorist attacks, the US Department of State said in a report on Wednesday.

Did Russia’s dumping of American debt force US Treasury to borrow more money?

The growing budget deficit will force the US government to borrow $56 billion more this quarter than expected. Curiously, the amount is close to what Russia sold in US Treasury securities in April and May. Citing surging spending and falling tax receipts, the US government will borrow the most money since the 2008 financial crisis.

Trump’s Trade War Hurts His Supporters, Average American – Nobel Prize Winner

An American Nobel Prize winner has spoken out against US president Donald Trump’s global trade war at a Chinese conference on international development. The keynote speaker heavily criticised his country’s protectionist stance, stating that trade wars would hurt Americans as much as others.

China slashes US Treasury securities to six-month low as trade tensions mount

The biggest holder of US Treasury bills, notes and bonds – China – has dropped $7.8 billion worth of US sovereign debt as a large-scale trade conflict, launched by Washington earlier this year, breaks new ground. The latest statistics released by the US Treasury Department showed that China’s share of US sovereign bonds hit a […]

The Donald in Wonderland –  Nomi Prins

One question as we head to the November midterm elections, a referendum on the president, is: Could Donald Trump be a one-man version of either Enron or Lehman Brothers, someone who cooked “the books” until he implodes? asks Nomi Prins. Once upon a time, there was a little-known energy company called Enron. In its 16-year life, […]

Trump Tariffs Causing Scaled Pressure on US Enterprise – Federal Reserve

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Tariffs imposed by the US government on metals and other imported goods are causing widespread pressures for manufacturers and businesses in the United States, the Federal Reserve said in a report. “All Districts noted fairly widespread input price pressures, particularly for construction materials and freight transportation,” the report released on Wednesday said.

US sanctions ‘bill from hell’ targeting Russian debt could backfire on Western allies – analyst

The proposed US sanctions targeting Russian bonds, OFZs, will likely hurt not only Moscow, but also numerous holders of such bonds in the West, an analyst has said. The measure was proposed by a group of US senators lead by Republican Lindsey Graham.

Woodward Book Claims US Thought Israel was Unable to Defend Against Hezbollah

The book says the Trump administration was seriously concerned about the possibility of Hezbollah dragging the US into a “catastrophic” Middle East war. The recently-published book entitled “Fear: Trump in the White House” says that in February 2017, early in the Trump administration, top US officials were seriously worried that Israel could not defend itself […]



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