Trump: ‘I am the chosen one’ to take on China

US President Donald Trump has stated that he is “the chosen one” to take on Beijing and that his life would be easier if he had not mounted a trade war with China. The remark came during one of Trump’s trademark “helicopter” press conferences, outside the White House on Wednesday. Fielding questions on a range […]

Trump CANCELS meeting with Danish PM after she refuses to discuss selling Greenland

US President Donald Trump has cancelled a meeting with the Danish PM after she unequivocally shot down his dreams of purchasing resource-rich Greenland, a much-memed possibility about which the president was quite serious.

How the world learned to stop worrying and ignore Trump

In the age of Trump, American diplomacy seems to have died. After two years in the White House, the US president has alienated countless world leaders, including close allies. Trump’s free-wheeling, reprobate style has caused Washington foreign policy establishment to shudder, decrying how his presidency has damaged the United States’ world standing.

Beijing to US: Don’t ‘stick your nose’ in China’s Hong Kong affairs

China rebuked Donald Trump for his Twitter-conveyed alarm over the amassment of troops near Hong Kong. The US should mind its own business and let China’s domestic affairs be, it said.

‘Can’t imagine why’: Trump has no idea why anyone would relate Hong Kong protests to US meddling

For the life of him, US President Donald Trump can’t explain why critics would associate Washington with Hong Kong’s unrest, expressing bewilderment in a tweet just before sounding the alarm about a Chinese invasion of the city.

Trump bribing American farmers with taxpayer money to fix trade war damage – Prof. Richard Wolff

US President Donald Trump is essentially buying votes with money from American taxpayers after his aggressive tariff policy on China boomeranged on US farmers, Professor Richard Wolff has told RT. To compensate for lost crop sales to China, the Trump administration announced aid for farmers, expected to total $28 billion.

Moscow Ready to Grab US Markets in China as Chinese-US Trade Spat Intensifies

Beijing has blasted US President Donald Trump’s claims that China is a “currency manipulator,” and promised to halt the import of US agricultural goods after the White House announced plans to slap 10 percent tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese imports from September.

‘Gambler Trump plays poker while China plays chess’, thinking a few moves ahead

The Trump administration is putting the US on a dangerous course by not assessing the long-term risks in the ongoing trade war with China, analysts told RT as tensions flare between the world’s biggest economies.

Is America losing its grip on world economy? 5 big defeats for US financial interests abroad

Donald Trump made it a banner promise of his presidency to stop the US being abused as the world’s “piggybank” – but not all foreign powers seem to be cowed into submission by his assertive style of foreign economic policy.

Trump Vetoes Bans on Arms Transfers to Saudi Arabia, UAE

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US President Donald Trump in multiple letters to Congress said he rejected resolutions that call for prohibiting weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and several other countries.

‘Extremely Frustrated’ US Mulls Sanctions on India Over Russian Arms Purchases Including S-400 – Report

New Delhi (Sputnik): India is likely to be subjected to US sanctions under the CAATSA (Countering American Adversaries Through Sanctions Act) legislation by the “extremely frustrated” Donald Trump administration for continuing to purchase Russian defence equipment ignoring US concerns, a top American government official has said.

Hell freezes over? New York Times wants closer relationship with Russia, congratulates Trump

The New York Times’ editorial board, fresh from peddling anti-Russia conspiracies for two years, has made a remarkable about-turn. Now the paper wants closer relations with the Kremlin, all to thwart China’s ambitions.

Huawei lays off 70% of American research unit staff amid ongoing US crackdown on Chinese firm

Huawei has laid off around 70 percent of staff at its Futurewei Technologies research arm in the US. Despite recent signals that Washington was easing pressure on the Chinese tech giant, the ban is still in force.

China’s Investments in US Plummet by Nearly 90 Percent Under Trump – Research

The nosedive comes against the background of the ongoing trade row between Beijing and Washington, which, however, showed signs of nearing a resolution late last month when President Trump announced that he will not impose new tariffs on China.

White House: US Supports MH17 Crash Probe as Trump, Dutch Prime Minister Discuss Issue

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US President Donald Trump discussed the investigation into the MH17 air crash with visiting Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the White House said in a statement.



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