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James Mattis is linked to a massive corporate fraud and nobody wants to talk about it
Better let a scandal slide than risk a nuclear war. Secretary of Defense James Mattis is implicated in one of the largest business scandals of the past decades, described by the Securities and Exchange Commission as an “elaborate, years-long fraud” through which Theranos, led by CEO Elizabeth Holmes and president Ramesh “S [...]
Torture-Tainted Nominations Recall Failure to Prosecute Bush-Era Abuses
The declining human rights standards on display with the Haspel and Pompeo nominations are the latest in a long line of policy failures that include the Obama administration’s lack of prosecutions of Bush-era torture, Nat Parry notes. President Donald Trump’s nominations of Gina Haspel to lead the CIA and Mike Pompeo to b [...]
The US and 3 allies are blaming Russia for nerve agent attack on ex-spy
Three countries agree with Britain that "it was highly likely that Russia was responsible for the attack." President Donald Trump has consistently refused to punish Russia for its attacks on the United States and around the world — but that changed somewhat today. [...]
War in the Making? US, Its Allies Turn a Deaf Ear to Putin’s Warning – Analyst
The choice of former CIA director Mike Pompeo as secretary of state, America's vow to strike against the Syrian government again and UK PM Theresa May's groundless accusations against Russia this week are parts of one very disturbing trend, geopolitical analyst Phil Butler told Sputnik. [...]
What Trump’s new secretary of state pick means for war with North Korea
Mike Pompeo will probably be a more effective diplomat than Tillerson. He’ll also be more hawkish. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held on to his job for 13 tense months despite repeatedly breaking with President Trump — and once reportedly calling him “a fucking moron.” [...]
Snowden: New CIA Head Might Face Arrest in EU Over Role in Torture Program
Former NSA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden speculated on Twitter that the nominee for CIA director, Gina Haspel, could face arrest if she sets foot in the European Union because she allegedly was involved in a torture program at a secret CIA prison. "Interesting: The new CIA Director Haspel, who ‘tortured some folks, [...]
US Had Access to Substance Allegedly Used to Poison Skripal Since 1999 – Report
Almost twenty years ago, the US Department of Defense was involved in dismantling a chemical research institute in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, where the Novichok nerve agent was tested, according to the New York Times. A New York Times article published back in 1999 has revealed that the US closely cooperated with [...]
‘Assad Has Won’: US Centcom Chief Wants to Contend Russia’s Influence in Syria
Speaking at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, commander of US Central Command Joseph Votel has specifically touched upon the situation in Syria and Russia's role there. Army general Joseph Votel, head of the US Central Command has admitted that Syrian President Bashar Assad's government forces are prevailing in the wa [...]
Trump fires Sec of State Tillerson, replaces him with CIA chief Pompeo
President Donald Trump ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, replacing him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, appointing Gina Haspel instead of him. This is a major shake-up of Trump's cabinet. Tillerson was made to cut short his trip to Africa and return to Washington the day before the announcement, as preparations were underwa [...]
‘We Are not Afraid’: EU Stands-Up to Trade ‘Bullies’ in Tariff Row With US
The EU's top trade official has employed strong rhetoric as the row with US President Donald Trump over steel and aluminum tariffs heats up following fruitless talks. European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem has promised that Europe would fight back against those who intimidate its trade after joint talks with US Trade [...]
Ex-spy Skripal poisoning ‘clearly came from Russia’ & ‘will trigger response’ – Tillerson
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has thrown his support behind UK allegations that Russia is responsible for the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal in the UK, whether directly or through negligence. The poisoning is "a really egregious act" and will "certainly trigger a response," Tillerson told reporters on boar [...]
Trump Drops Plan To Build Wall — Proposes Spending Same $25 Billion On Education Instead
In startling reversal, president now says that children and schools matter more than a Mexican border wall of questionable value. Donald Trump has seen the folly of his proposal to spend $25 billion on a wall that no one wants — not the residents of the U.S. states that border Mexico, not Republican leaders in his own part [...]
How US Military Presence in Middle East Driving Together Turkey, Iran, Russia
Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Syria need to team up in order to clear terrorists from Syria, Turkish political analyst Bora Bayraktar told Sputnik, adding that the US military buildup in the region, as well as the threat of the creation of independent Kurdish entities, allow for new regional alliances to blossom. [...]
‘US won’t even sell us rifles’: Turkey’s FM explains purchase of Russian S-400 air-defense systems
Ankara’s decision to purchase Russian S-400 air-defense systems was prompted by the reluctance of its NATO allies, primarily the US, to sell advanced weaponry to Turkey, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said. [...]
How South Korea’s president pulled the US and North Korea back from the brink of war
Moon Jae-in turned Trump’s North Korea policy upside down with a master class in diplomacy. President Donald Trump’s decision to agree to a historic face-to-face meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un can be traced back to the savvy politicking of another leader entirely: South Korean President Moon Jae-in. [...]
Top 4 Countries Where US Was ‘Arsonist and Firefighter’
On February 27, US Army General Joseph Votel blamed Russia for “playing both arsonist and firefighter, fueling tensions among all parties in Syria… then serving as an arbitrator, to resolve disputes, attempting to undermine and weaken each party's bargaining positions." The United States has always introduced itself as a Mes [...]

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