Pentagon Declines to Comment on Reports of Ukraine Selling Arms to N Korea
The US Department of Defense declined to comment on reports of Ukraine selling military technology to North Korea. The US Department of Defense declined to comment on reports of Ukraine selling military technology to North Korea and referred to the Intelligence Community to respond, Department spokesman Col. Rob Manning s [...]
Europeans Start to Realize Consequences of US Military Involvement in Ukraine
The German media has characterized US arms deliveries to Ukraine as a nightmare. In an interview with Sputnik, political analyst Igor Shatrov said that this opinion is shared by all Europeans who have fallen victim to Washington’s sanctions. [...]
‘It’s a Nightmare’: German Media on US Supplies of Lethal Weapons to Ukraine
Since the presidency of Barack Obama, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has demanded arms supplies from the US. However, the prospect of Washington satisfying Kiev's request frightens Germany and France, Deutschlandfunk radio station reported. [...]
Ukraine’s Only Major Warship Out of Commission, Funds for Repairs Feared Stolen
Ukrainian military prosecutors are suing the company charged with repairing the Hetman Sahaydachniy frigate, whose engines broke down soon after costly repairs. Speaking to Sputnik, military observer Konstantin Kivkov said that the story around the frigate is a 'shining example' of officials' efforts to deprive Ukraine of its de [...]
Abusive Relationship: Ukrainian Ex-Pres Says EU ‘Brought Ukraine to Its Knees’
Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has lashed out against the EU, saying that the bloc's policies had brought Ukraine "to its knees," and turned it into a raw material colony. Speaking to Sputnik, Ukrainian political analyst Alexander Okhrimenko said that it was surprising that Kiev expected anything different from the Eur [...]
Why EU May Soon ‘Abandon Visa-Free Regime’ With Ukraine
On Wednesday, EU authorities signed a document on amending the legislation of the EU to grant a visa-free regime to Ukrainians, according to a live broadcast from Strasbourg. In an interview with Radio Sputnik, Russian expert Evgeny Ben commented on the issue, saying that the move may lead to an uncontrolled influx of Ukrainian [...]
Ukraine: Banning its way to the promised land
At this stage, you have to ask, is there anything Russian left for Ukraine to ban? Since 2014, they’ve blacklisted movies, flights, TV stations, cultural figures and even a disabled Eurovision entrant. Now, it’s social networks, search engines, and anti-virus software. Sure it’s a country where many want to re-align wes [...]
Fresh criminal cases started against Ukraine military over Donbass shelling – Russian investigators
The Russian Investigative Committee has launched criminal cases against Ukrainian servicemen and officials responsible for indiscriminate use of artillery in the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic that resulted in civilian casualties. [...]
Russia to Lend Its Shoulder to De-Electrified Lugansk Republic in Spite of Kiev
When deciding to suspend supply of electricity to the Lugansk People's Republic, Kiev seems to have failed to heed Russia's readiness to lend its shoulder to the de-electrified region, Ukrainian politician and rights activist Vladimir Oleynik told Sputnik. In an interview with Sputnik, Ukrainian politician and rights activis [...]
‘What threat did they see in little girl like me?’ Disabled Russian Eurovision singer mocks Kiev ban
Wheelchair-bound Russian singer Yulia Samoylova said she can’t comprehend what scared the Ukrainian authorities so much that they slapped her with a three-year ban. Samoylova said she still hopes to perform at Eurovision in Kiev. [...]
Poroshenko Leading Ukraine to ‘Palace Coup’ by ‘Playing Along With Radicals’
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko blamed Ukrainian radicals for Kiev having lost control over the situation in the eastern regions of Donbass. According to the Ukrainian leader, the blockade of Donbass by radicals risks plunging Ukraine into "anarchy" and violence. [...]
IMF Postpones Third Review of Ukrainian Loan Program – Finance Ministry
The executive board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has delayed the third review of its loan program to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Finance Ministry said Sunday. Earlier in March, IMF Communications Department Director Gerry Rice said the fund's directors planned to meet on March 20 to make the final decision on providing [...]
Wake Up, Slowcoach! Twitter Ridicules Ukraine FM’s Crimea ‘Delirium’
Three years after Crimea's accession to the Russian Federation, which was marked with festivities in Russia on Saturday, Ukraine's Foreign Minister tweeted that freedom was "taken away" from the peninsular and vowed to return it. Of course, Russian politicians didn't take this lying down. [...]
Got $100 Grand to Burn? Then You Too Can Become a Ukrainian Citizen!
Foreign nationals can get on a fast track to receiving Ukrainian citizenship by investing the equivalent of $100,000 US into the country's economy, according to a recent directive by the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers. In an official directive dated March 1 establishing immigration quotas for foreign nationals and stateless [...]
Lavrov Explains What’s Behind Putin’s Decision on Donbass Residents’ Passports
Russia decided to validate Donbass residents' documents for humanitarian reasons and the presidential decree will remain in force until the Minsk peace deal is implemented, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday. [...]
Warsaw to Kiev: ‘You Won’t Get Into Europe Glorifying War Criminal Bandera’
Former Polish President Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the influential leader of the country's ruling Law and Justice Party, has some frank advice for Kiev, telling Ukrainian officials that the country would never join Europe if it continued to try to build its national identity on the glorification of notorious Nazi-allied war criminals l [...]
Russian investigators launch probe into civilian deaths from fresh Ukrainian shelling
Russia’s top federal investigative agency has begun a criminal case into the deaths of civilians in Donetsk that were reportedly the result of shelling by Ukrainian government forces on February 1-3. According to Investigative Committee acting chief spokesman Svetlana Petrenko, a criminal case has been launched into the use [...]

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