Serial numbers of missile that downed MH17 show it was produced in 1986, owned by Ukraine – Russia

The serial numbers found on debris of the Buk missile which downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine show it was produced in 1986, the Russian military said. The projectile was owned by Ukraine, they added. There are two serial numbers found on fragments of the missile, which shot down the passenger airliner in […]

Russian FM Slams Amsterdam for Dropping Charges Against Kiev Over MH17 Crash

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Netherlands de facto dropping charges against Ukraine over the latter’s failure to close airspace over the zone of military conflict in Eastern Ukraine is a “blatant fact,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. “It is a blatant fact that the Netherlands has actually cleared Kiev of charges for not closing […]

Superpower Russia key to settlement of Syria, Ukraine conflicts – Austria’s Kurz to Putin

Russia is crucial in bringing peace to Syria and Ukraine, Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, adding he hopes Moscow helps secure peace in Donbass, paving the way to lifting EU sanctions. “Russia, as a superpower, has an important role in Syria and eastern Ukraine, and Russia has great responsibility,” Chancellor […]

Ex-Ukrainian Soldier to Trump: “I’m Ready to Testify Kiev Used Chemical Weapons”

In 2014, reports surfaced of the Kiev military allegedly using chemical weapons in its operations against the Donbass militia. In a video message to US President Donald Trump, posted on the Open Ukraine YouTube channel, former Ukrainian army serviceman Alexander Medinsky claimed that Kiev used chemical weapons during its military operation in Donbass. Going Here promo code ph […]

Wild West Ukraine: Thugs pour milk on politician at council meeting, he draws his gun (VIDEO)

A Ukrainian politician took the phrase crying over spilt milk to a whole new level when he pulled out a gun on a disruptive right-wing gang and fired warning shots, during a city council meeting. The incident reportedly happened on Friday in the city of Nikopol, when thugs from the extremist, nationalist Right Sector group […]

US State Department Confirms Delivering Javelin Missile Systems to Ukraine

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US Department of State has confirmed delivery of Javelin anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine, a department spokesperson told Sputnik on Monday. The United States has been assigning millions of dollars to support Ukraine, particularly in the defense area, over the past years. US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch has said that […]

US State Dept. Says Ukraine Forces Allegedly Involved in Torture

WASHINGTON – The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) is allegedly involved in a series of crimes, including torture, enforced disappearances and arbitrary detentions, the State Department said in its annual human rights report released on Friday. “Human rights groups and the United Nations noted significant deficiencies in investigations into human rights abuses committed by [Ukraine’s] government […]

German Lawmaker Slams Ukrainian Ambassador’s Idea to Ban Germans From Crimea

SIMFEROPOL (Sputnik) – The suggestion of Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk to ban German nationals from visiting Crimea is nonsense and an act of interference in Germany’s internal affairs, Andreas Maurer, the head of Die Linke party group of the Quakenbruck parliament, told Sputnik.

‘Silenced’? Ukrainian Military Pilot Accused of Attack on Boeing MH17 Found Dead

The pilot’s death, preliminarily ruled a suicide, has reopened claims about his possible role in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in the summer of 2014. Vladislav Voloshin, the Ukrainian combat pilot which some Russian investigative journalists have accused of responsibility for the MH17 disaster, allegedly shot himself Sunday at his home.

Ukrainian pilot, suspected of involvement in MH17 crash, ‘kills himself’

A former pilot with the Ukrainian military, who was once accused of shooting down MH17 plane in 2014, has died in an apparent suicide. He was flying his Su-25 on a combat mission on the day of the tragedy. Vladislav Voloshin, the 29-year former pilot, died in his apartment in the city of Nikolayev on […]

Poroshenko’s ‘9 Grams of Lead’ for Russia New Internet Laughingstock

The announcement came as Petro Poroshenko visited Ukrainian military personnel in Kramatorsk. In his speech he stressed that now the country will be ready for war with Russia. Some users, commenting his post on Facebook, expressed skepticism concerning his promises.

Russian polling stations in Ukraine blocked by police & radicals (VIDEOS)

Ukrainian police and radicals have blocked Russian diplomatic missions to prevent voters from participating in the presidential election. The move was condemned by Russian officials as a “blatant violation of international law.”

Maidan icon Savchenko faces arrest after claiming top Ukraine official ‘led snipers to central Kiev’

Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko, who was lauded as a hero for her role in the Donbass military campaign and her prosecution in Russia, is now accused of plotting to blow up the national parliament in Kiev.

Swiss Paper Blows the Lid Off Alleged Ukraine’s Secret NATO-Backed Base

While Washington ostensibly supports the peaceful resolution of the Ukraine-Donbass conflict, new revelations – if true – do not add to these claims and on the contrary seem to be in sync with the approval of US weapons to Kiev. The Swiss newspaper Le Temps has reported about scores of US and Canadian instructors training Ukrainian servicemen […]

Easing of Russian sanctions could follow UN peacekeeper deployment in Ukraine – acting German FM

The gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia may start if the Moscow-backed plan to deploy UN peacekeepers in the conflict area of eastern Ukraine is implemented, interim German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said.



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