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Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry Reaffirms Asylum for WikiLeaks Founder Assange

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Jose Valencia Amores on Friday reaffirmed the country’s decision to grant asylum to the WikiLeaks whistleblowing website’s founder, Julian Assange.

Pompeo promises a ‘series of actions’ against Venezuela in the ‘coming days’

Washington has promised to increase pressure on Venezuela in the coming days, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowing to take a “series of actions” against the government of Nicolas Maduro in the “best interest” of Venezuelans.

The other 9/11 tragedy: The day Chile’s democracy died

On the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Dr. Tomasz Pierscionek recalls another tragedy associated with the date. On the 17th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, we mourn the deaths of almost 3,000 people. The events that followed the attacks have come to overshadow the tragedy itself, and the shockwaves emitted almost […]

How India Courts Trump’s Latin Neighbors, Pursues Ties in US Backyard

New Delhi is maintaining an independent foreign policy course with regard to Latin American countries, Indian political analysts told Sputnik. They stressed that Donald Trump’s pressure on Cuba and Venezuela would unlikely affect India’s ties with these countries and explained how New Delhi avoids a clash of interests with China in the region.

Venezuelan state oil firm to strike deals using national cryptocurrency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the country’s state energy company PDVSA to close some of its purchase and sale deals using the national commodity-backed digital currency ‘petro.’ The country’s oil ministry tweeted the president’s directive, which also applies to Venezuelan state-run conglomerate CVG, which is charged with economic development in the Guayana region.

Ratings War: After Syria and N Korea, Washington May Strike Closer to Home

While Syria and North Korea remain the focus of worldwide attention, the US continues to exert considerable pressure on “undesired regimes” in Latin America, Russian scholar Igor Pshenichnikov writes, wondering who will become Washington’s next “target.”

Brazil Coup Government Wins Gold for ‘Total Destruction’ of Social Security

As the 2016 Olympic Games kicks off in Rio, Radio Sputnik discusses with Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, the head of Middlesex University’s Centre for Brazilian and Latin American Studies, developments in the ongoing coup against suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Talking about the roots of the ongoing impeachment process with Loud & Clear, Rodriguez suggested that […]

Dirty War Files Show How Clinton Ally Kissinger Backed Regime of Terror

Newly declassified papers on the U.S. government’s role in Argentina’s 1976-83 “Dirty War” have been released, detailing—among other things—how former secretary of state Henry Kissinger stymied attempts to end mass killings of dissidents.

Overpowered: Too much solar electricity makes Chile give it away for free

Chile’s main solar power plants are supplying so much electricity that they have to give it away for free or face prices going down. The glut has been driven by the country’s booming copper industry. Chile’s growing energy demand has prompted the development of 29 solar farms to supply the central grid.

Families of Death Squad Victims Allowed to Sue Chiquita Executives

In what supporters described as “a victory for accountability for corporate crimes,” a U.S. judge ruled in favor of allowing Colombians to sue former Chiquita Brand International executives for the company’s funding of a paramilitary group that murdered plaintiffs’ family members.

Call It a ‘Coup’: Leaked Transcripts Detail How Elite Orchestrated Overthrow in Brazil

Confirming suspicions that the ouster of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff is, in fact, a coup designed to eradicate a wide corruption probe, Brazil’s largest newspaper on Monday published damning evidence of a “national pact” between a top government official and oil executive.

Regime change in Latin America: Why Russia is concerned?

A Russian diplomatic call to outlaw the US-sponsored policy of “regime change” is timelier than ever following recent events in Latin America. The developments there are now routinely described as ‘institutional’ coups d’état, with popular presidents removed from power and replaced by neoliberal functionaries, enjoying almost unhidden support of the US government and American financial […]

‘Made in USA’: 3 key signs that point to Washington’s hand in Brazil’s ‘coup’

As Brazil’s left-wing president, Dilma Rousseff, has been suspended from office to face trial for disregarding budget laws, details have emerged on key figures involved in what Rousseff supporters are calling a coup, hinting at a covert plot involving Washington.

US Waging ‘Geopolitical Warfare’ Against China, Russia in Bolivia – Morales

The United States doesn’t want to see Chinese and Russian companies operating in Bolivia, and has instructed Washington-supported opposition forces to try and stop them, says Bolivian President Evo Morales, citing the recent scandal around China’s CAMC Engineering Co, which managed to unfairly

‘Jesus was a left-winger’ – Uruguay ex-president Mujica to RT

The Gracchus brothers of Rome, Indian Emperor Ashoka, and Jesus were all left-wingers, former Uruguayan president José Mujica told RT, as he shared a fascinating history lesson on the constant struggle between liberal and conservative ideas.



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