Saudi Arabia

State Dept official stumped for 20 seconds when asked why US slams Iran but not Saudis (VIDEO)
This could be the most uncomfortable State Department press briefing moment yet. During a press conference about US President Donald Trump’s recent trip to the Middle East, AFP journalist Dave Clark asked a department official why the US criticizes the Iranian elections and its record on democracy, but not Saudi Arabia. [...]
Likely war crime: Alleged Saudi coalition strike on refugee boat condemned by HRW
A recent deadly airstrike on a boat in the Red Sea carrying Somali refugees was likely a war crime, Human Rights Watch said. The strike off the Yemeni coast is believed to have been carried out by the Saudi-led coalition. [...]
The Double Standard on Yemen’s Suffering
The Trump administration condemns Iran as somehow responsible for a Yemeni rebel group’s attack on a Saudi warship, but ignores the Saudi-inflicted bloodbath on the Yemeni people, as Gareth Porter explained to The long-running U.S.-backed Saudi war against a Yemeni rebel group has led to mass hunger and civilian slaughter [...]
‘No legitimate military objectives’: UN panel finds Saudi strikes in Yemen may amount to war crimes
An expert UN panel investigating ten separate airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen - in which at least 292 civilians died - has found that most were the result of an ‘ineffective targeting process’ or deliberate attacks on peaceful targets.   [...]
Lawmakers, Peace Groups Team Up to Block ‘Disturbing’ US-Saudi Arms Deal
Anti-war advocates are launching an 11th-hour bid to stop U.S. Congress from approving a $1.15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia in its fight against Houthi rebels in Yemen, which was announced earlier this month.Chief among them are the activist group CODEPINK and U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), [...]
Letting Saudi Arabia Off the 9/11 Hook
The 9/11 attacks opened a bloody chapter of American history, “justifying” U.S. attacks on multiple countries but not on the one most connected to the terrorism, U.S. “ally,” Saudi Arabia. Why is that, asks Lawrence Davidson. On Nov. 27, 2002, a bipartisan commission was established by Congress to investigate the Sept [...]
US & Saudi Arabia ‘Involved in Turkey’s Downing of Russian Su-24’ in Syria
German former CDU politician and Vice-President of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Willy Wimmer told Sputnik Deutschland that he fears NATO involvement in the downing of Russia's Su-24 bomber over Syria last November. [...]
‘9/11 History Must be Rewritten’ to Include Saudi Support for Terrorists
Former US senator and co-chairman of a 9/11 inquiry Bob Graham told German television that redacted US documents reveal a network of Saudi support for the al-Qaeda terrorists who carried out the attack which reaches as far as the Kingdom's government. [...]
Russia and Saudi Arabia dump $50bn in US assets
Investors from Russia and Saudi Arabia have cut their combined holdings of US securities by more than $50 billion between mid 2014 and 2015, reports the Financial Times. Over the period, Saudi Arabia reduced its holdings by $26 billion, according to an annual US Treasury survey published earlier this week. [...]
FBI has 80,000 files on possible Saudi links to 9/11 – report
The FBI is in possession of 80,000 files detailing possible support for the 9/11 hijackers received from a Saudi family, a new report states, while a former 9/11 Commission member says there is a strong link between the Saudis and the terrorist attacks. The FBI files are related to an investigation of a Saudi family living in [...]
Saudi Arabia wants US to kill 9/11 bill, threatens to dump US assets worth $750 bn – report
Saudi Arabia appears to be blackmailing the US, saying it would sell off American assets worth a 12-digit figure sum in dollars if Congress passes a bill allowing the Saudi government to be held responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The warning was delivered by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir last month during a v [...]
Dutch Parliament Passes Landmark Bill Calling for Saudi Arms Embargo
The Dutch parliament has passed a landmark resolution calling on the government to halt the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, accusing the Gulf kingdom of "violating international humanitarian law" as a result of its military offensive in Yemen. The bill is the first of its kind to be passed by a European Union member state follo [...]
Out of Money: Saudi Arabia Shot Itself in the Foot by Dropping Oil Prices
Riyadh has shot itself in the foot by adopting a predatory pricing policy in the oil market aimed at wiping its competitors out; now the House of Saud is reaping a whirlwind it sowed. Back in 2014 Saudi Arabia decided to drop oil prices in order to expel Russia from the European and Asian oil markets and at the same time to d [...]
How US Helps Al Qaeda in Yemen
The Obama administration, eager to assuage Saudi Arabia’s anger over the Iran nuclear deal and the failure to achieve “regime change” in Syria, has turned a blind eye to Riyadh’s savaging of Yemen, even though that is helping Al Qaeda militants expand their territory, writes Jonathan Marshall. For nearly a year, the O [...]
Risking Nuclear War for Al Qaeda?
The risk that the multi-sided Syrian war could spark World War III continues as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and U.S. neocons seek an invasion that could kill Russian troops — and possibly escalate the Syrian crisis into a nuclear showdown, amazingly to protect Al Qaeda terrorists, reports Robert Parry. When President Barack Obama [...]
In Saudi Arabia’s Footsteps: UAE Poised to Send Ground Troops to Syria
The United Arab Emirates said on Sunday it was ready to commit ground troops to Syria to take on Daesh terrorists as part of a US-led coalition. When asked if the Gulf state was prepared to send troops to Syria, Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash told reporters in Abu Dhabi that this had been his country’s position all along. [...]
Risking World War III in Syria
After Saudi-backed Syrian rebels balked at peace talks and the Russian-backed Syrian army cut off Turkish supply lines to jihadists and other Syrian rebels, the U.S. and its Mideast Sunni “allies” appear poised to invade Syria and force “regime change” even at the risk of fighting Russia, a gamble with nuclear war, write [...]

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