Austria’s ‘sensational’ espionage accusations against Russia ‘puzzling’, but fit pattern – Moscow

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Austrian ambassador on Friday to protest over ‘sensationalist media leak’ about a former military officer accused of spying for Moscow, and expressed concern over damage to relations. Earlier, the Austrian government confirmed reports in the national media that a retired Austrian colonel was being prosecuted for espionage.

Russia excels in ditching dollar ahead of pending US sanctions against country’s financial system

The list of the countries currently taking active steps towards eliminating their economic reliance on the US dollar is growing. Russia has joined a league of nations is making a lot of headway with the task, the WSJ reports.

‘Good for multipolar world’: Putin positive on Macron’s ‘European army’ plan bashed by Trump (VIDEO)

Europe’s desire to create its own army and stop relying on Washington for defense is not only understandable, but would be “positive” for the multipolar world, Vladimir Putin said days after Donald Trump ripped into it.

Macron’s Call For Security Architecture With Moscow Encouraging – Russian Envoy

Russian Ambassador to France Alexey Meshkov said in an interview with Sputnik that French President Emmanuel Macron’s call to build a new security architecture in Europe jointly with Russia was an encouraging signal.

Russian Embassy in US Suggests Crimean Resorts Popularity Soaring Amid Sanctions

The Russian embassy in the United States said it expected the popularity of Crimean health resorts, recently targeted by the US sanctions, to increase, noting that Crimea welcomed tourists from the United States. “We expect that the popularity of these very resorts will grow. We are sure they will introduce special fares for US tourists. […]

Austrian Authorities Arrest Ex-Colonel Suspected of Spying For Russia – Reports

Kronen Zeitung earlier reported that a former colonel of the Austrian Armed Forces had been detained on suspicion of spying for Russia for 20 years. Meanwhile, Austrian newspaper Die Presse reported that the suspect in the espionage scandal had already confessed to committing the crime.

Hitting Where It Hurts: Why Russia, India and China Are Growing Non-Dollar Trade

Much has been made of the possible geopolitical motivations behind the decision to price the $5 billion Russian-Indian S-400 deal in roubles, and Moscow and Beijing are eyeing another rouble/yuan-based trade compact. However, Sputnik has discovered that there’s also a purely economic reason for the three countries to move away from the dollar.

Israeli Foreign Ministry Vows to Prevent Tragedies Like Russian Il-20 Downing

Israel will do utmost to prevent such incidents like the downing of a Russian Il-20 plane near Syria from happening again, Yacov Livne, the director of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Euro-Asia Department, said on Monday.

Russia May Start Using Euro in Trade With European Union – Economy Ministry

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently indicated that Washington was “making a colossal strategic mistake” by “undermining confidence in the dollar” amid Russian plans to reduce the country’s dependence on the US currency in global trade.

Israeli Air Force Shuns Attacks in Syria Since S-300 Delivery – Lawmaker

Russia has delivered 49 units of its sophisticated S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems to Syria in wake of the accidental destruction of a Russian Il-20 plane by Syrian air defenses responding to an Israeli attack.

Russia May Lend $43Mln to Cuba Under Defense Cooperation Program

Russia intends to sign an agreement in mid-November on giving Cuba a loan worth 38 million euros ($43.25 million) as part of the two countries’ defense cooperation agenda, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak told reporters on Friday.

Maduro Discusses Ways to Boost Venezuelan Economic Independence With Russia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that he had discussed with a Russian delegation, led by Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak, the ways to strengthen Venezuela’s economic independence.

Mexico’s President-Elect Sees Cooperation With Russia as One of Priorities

Mexico’s president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador perceives the cooperation with Russia as one of his foreign policy priorities, Russian Ambassador to Mexico Viktor Koronelli said.

Russia’s alternative to SWIFT payment system poised to eclipse the original – MP

Russia’s money transfer system, developed as an alternative to SWIFT is now more popular than the global network, said Anatoly Aksakov, head of the Russian parliamentary committee on financial markets.

Drop sanctions & reach out to Russia or drive it into China’s embrace – France’s Sarkozy

Europe should reach out to Russia and abandon “counterproductive” economic sanctions – or risk seeing it drifting further towards China, former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy has warned, in a candid interview.



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