As PM Hariri resigns and Lebanon faces a power vacuum, maybe it is time to reassess relations with the US

The exit of Lebanon PM Saad Hariri brings more unrest in a turbulent region, a loss of an ally to the US, as troops withdraw from Syria, there’s conflict with Iran and issues with Saudi Arabia. Trump needs a new pal in the region.

Lebanese Banks Resume Work After 2-Week Break Amid Anti-Government Protests

BEIRUT (Sputnik) – Lebanese banks resumed operations after a two-week break amid mass anti-government protests that broke out all over the country, a Sputnik correspondent reported from Beirut on Friday. The reopening of the banks was accompanied by long lines of people who wanted to get cash and make transactions and transfers.

IDF fires at targets inside Lebanon after anti-tank missile lands near Israeli border town

The Israeli military has reportedly engaged in a cross-border exchange of fire, after an anti-tank missile – said to have come from Lebanon – landed near an Israeli border town.