Japanese Research Ship Rushes to Find Lost F-35 Stealth Fighter – Report

The research vessel, which belongs to the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, is fitted with advanced scanning equipment and is carrying an unmanned submarine capable of operating hundreds of meters below the ocean surface.

Tokyo to boost energy ties with Moscow despite sanctions against Russia – Japan’s economy ministry

Amid growing uncertainties on the global oil market, Japan is looking to boost its energy cooperation with Russia, and international sanctions on Moscow don’t prohibit cooperation.

Japanese PM Vows on Father’s Grave to Make a Deal With Russia on Kurils

The USSR and then Russia on the one side and Japan on the other never signed a peace treaty after the end of the Second World War largely due to the unresolved issue of sovereignty over the Kuril Islands.

Sino-Japanese Currency Swap Deal to Boost Economic Activity in Far East

Kristian Rouz – China and Japan have reaffirmed their commitment to deepening bilateral economic and financial ties at an economic forum in Beijing, reaching several potentially far-reaching deals and trade and investment. Economists say the results of this forum could produce longer-term positive consequences for the entire region.

Dollar demise? China & Japan ink bilateral currency swap deal worth up to $30bn

Beijing and Tokyo sealed a multi-billion dollar currency swap arrangement on Friday, aimed at enhancing financial stability and spurring business activity in both countries. According to the Bank of Japan (BOJ), the arrangement which will last until October 25, 2021, will allow the exchange of local currencies between the two central banks for up to […]

Japan unveils new ‘Supreme’ bullet train

A new high-speed bullet train has been rolled out by the Central Japan Railway (JR Tokai). It will debut in 2020 on the Tokaido Shinkansen line, running between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka. According to JR Tokai, the new Shinkansen N700S or Shinkansen ‘Supreme’ train will be smarter, sleeker and quieter.

Abe promises to visit Russia without delay for further progress in peace treaty talks

The prime minister promised “to move step by step towards signing of a peace treaty” with Russia. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will pay a visit to Russia without delay for further progress in the issue of a peace treaty, he said at the opening of the national parliament’s plenary session on Friday.

Putin, Abe agree on joint Russia-Japan activities on Kuril Islands

Vladimir Putin and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe have worked out a statement on the prospects of joint Russian-Japanese economic activities in the South Kuril Islands as the Russian leader arrived in Japan for what’s seen as a breakthrough visit.

Obama offers Hiroshima victims cynicism instead of justice

If targeting the civilian population of an entire city with a nuclear bomb, and incinerating tens of thousands of men, women, and children in the process, is not worthy of an apology then ‘humanity’ has become a word without meaning. Step forward US President Barack Obama and his statement in advance of his visit to Hiroshima […]

Japan willing to risk US ire over improving Russia ties? Looks like it

Not everyone was happy about the three-hour long talks between Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe which took place in Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi on Friday. While for Abe the meeting was diplomatically significant — a chance to discuss the disputed Kuril islands face-to-face with Putin — for the White House, […]

Japan’s Abe Brushes Off Obama’s Request to Cancel May Visit to Moscow

During a telephone conversation with Shinzo Abe, US President Barack Obama urged the Prime Minister of Japan to refrain from visiting Russia in May, but Abe has refused his request. Obama and Abe spoke by telephone February 9, discussing North Korea. Two days earlier the northern state had launched a long-range rocket, violating UN resolutions […]



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