Israel’s Military Selfishness, Lack of Coordination Led to Il-20 Crash – Scholar

CAIRO (Sputnik) – Israel is guided solely by its military interests in the region, and this factor along with the lack of coordination with the Russian side led to the crash of Russia’s Il-20 military plane in Syria, Egyptian military expert Adil Suleiman told Sputnik. The Egyptian analyst noted that the tragedy was the result […]

Russian MoD Has Compelling Evidence to Back Up Account of Il-20’s Last Moments

Earlier in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry reiterated, during a briefing on circumstance of the Il-20 incident, that blame for the Russian aircraft’s crash fully rested with Israel, which put the Il-20 under fire of the Syrian air defense. The Russian Defense Ministry has additional compelling evidence in support of the materials presented earlier […]

Russia turned tide of war when ISIS was about to ‘roll over Damascus’ – top Israeli commander

Russia’s military presence in Syria has effectively turned the tide of war back in 2015, the year Islamic State was about to “roll over Damascus,” the head of Israeli Air Force intelligence said in an interview. The Aerial campaign Russia started against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in 2015 had “categorically” decided the fate of […]

Kremlin Yet to Decide on Israel Ties After Plane Crash in Syria

The Russian president’s spokesman said Friday that President Vladimir Putin had been briefed on what an Israeli military delegation had to share with the Russian Defense Ministry on the downing of its jet in Syria, but stressed a decision on the Kremlin’s next step was premature.

Blaming the Victim of Aggression

The tragic loss of a Russian military aircraft with 15 personnel onboard, off the Syrian coast, has to be seen in the context of the Arab country being attacked. Attacked by the Israeli air force and facing an unprecedented buildup of NATO warships. Yet, Syria – the victim of aggression – is the one being […]

Israeli AF Commander in Russia in Connection With Il-20 Crash – Netanyahu

TEL AVIV – Israeli Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin is in Moscow following Monday’s crash of a Russian Il-20 aircraft in Syria, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Jonathan Conricus told Sputnik. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that he sent Air Force Commander Amikam Norkin to Moscow after the incident with a […]

Israel’s actions in Gaza a ‘war crime’ – EU delegation head tells RT after being denied entry

Israel doesn’t want to allow the public to witness what’s happening in Gaza, the head of an EU Parliament delegation told RT, after being barred from entering the enclave. He called Israel’s actions there “a war crime.” The group from the European Parliament was scheduled to arrive in Gaza on Thursday but was denied access.

Israel Unlikely to Fly Freely Over Syria After Il-20 Incident – Ex-Official

ST.PETERSBURG Israel is unlikely to freely use Syrian airspace in the wake of the crash of a Russian Il-20 military aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea, Yakov Kedmi, a former high-ranking Israeli intelligence official, told Sputnik. “There was an agreement between Israel and Russia that the actions of Israel in Syria’s airspace would not endanger lives […]

Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian missile after Israeli F-16s used it as cover during attack – MoD

The Russian military says an Israeli raid on Syria triggered a chain of events that led to its Il-20 plane being shot down by a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile. Moscow reserves the right to respond accordingly. On Monday evening, four Israeli F-16 fighter jets attacked targets in Syria’s Latakia after approaching from the Mediterranean, a […]

Woodward Book Claims US Thought Israel was Unable to Defend Against Hezbollah

The book says the Trump administration was seriously concerned about the possibility of Hezbollah dragging the US into a “catastrophic” Middle East war. The recently-published book entitled “Fear: Trump in the White House” says that in February 2017, early in the Trump administration, top US officials were seriously worried that Israel could not defend itself […]

Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Head Vows to Bring Israel to ICC

Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), voiced on Tuesday his intention to bring Israel to the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the backdrop of the United States’ recent decision to close the PLO office in Washington over its concerns of the organization’s course of action.

Report on IDF funding Syrian rebels pulled on request of ‘army’s censor’ – Jerusalem Post to RT

IDF has forced the Jerusalem Post to remove its explosive report on the Israeli military giving weapons to the Syrian rebels, the newspaper’s managing editor confirmed to RT. “We were told by the army’s military censor to remove that part of the story,” David Brinn, the managing editor of the Jerusalem Post told RT as […]

Flotilla Passengers Released by Israel; Many Battered and Bruised; USS Liberty Survivor Held For Days

Defending their illegal blockade of Gaza against what they see as infiltrators rather than activists bringing aid and making a point, Israeli soldiers physically assaulted a number of delegates and arrested them, including a USS Liberty survivor. U.S. Navy Signalman Joe Meadors was standing watch on deck of the USS Liberty off the coast of Gaza […]

Netanyahu threatens Iran with ‘all Israel’s arms’ if Tehran blocks key waterway off Yemen

Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at Israel’s arch-foe Iran, vowing that any attempt by Tehran to block the key waterway off Yemen’s coast would be met by force from the “international coalition” and Israel in particular. The harsh statements by the Israeli PM, who was speaking at a graduation ceremony for naval officers on Wednesday, […]

Retired General Tells Sputnik How Syria Can Get Golan Heights Back From Israel

With the Syrian Army on the brink of defeating militants concentrated near the Golan Heights, Damascus is close to wrapping up its campaign to free southern Syria. Under a recently signed deal, rebels who refuse reintegration will be evacuated to areas in northern Syria, with the Syrian Army deploying units to pre-2011 positions along the […]



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