Israeli Foreign Ministry Vows to Prevent Tragedies Like Russian Il-20 Downing

Israel will do utmost to prevent such incidents like the downing of a Russian Il-20 plane near Syria from happening again, Yacov Livne, the director of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Euro-Asia Department, said on Monday.

Israeli Air Force Shuns Attacks in Syria Since S-300 Delivery – Lawmaker

Russia has delivered 49 units of its sophisticated S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems to Syria in wake of the accidental destruction of a Russian Il-20 plane by Syrian air defenses responding to an Israeli attack.

Stuxnet II: Did Israel Just Release Cyber “Hounds of Hell” on Iran?

Stuxnet II: Did Israel Just Release Cyber “Hounds of Hell” on Iran? SUPPORT TRUNEWS: TruNews on Facebook:… Stuxnet II: Did Israel Just Release Cyber “Hounds of Hell” on Iran? Distress of Nations: China, Russia and Israel prepare for War End of Petrodollar? U.S. Allies Pivot East Toward Russia And China

Bolsonaro Says Brazil Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro tweeted that he intends to transfer the Brazilian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as a part of fulfilling his election campaign promises. Brazil will become the third country after the United States and Guatemala to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Associated Press reported. In a tweet published on Thursday, Bolsonaro […]

Israel Sells $250Mln Worth of Cutting Edge Spy Systems to Saudi Arabia – Reports

Tel Aviv hasn’t confirmed the reports, nor has the Gulf kingdom, which doesn’t have official diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. Saudi Arabia and Israel held covert meetings “in Washington and London,” which resulted in an estimated $250 million deal, including the transfer of Israeli espionage technologies to the kingdom, Israeli media reported on Sunday, […]

‘Trump doesn’t want any country even near challenging American power’

By withdrawing from a key nuclear arms treaty, the US could be shooting itself in the foot in Europe, but Trump doesn’t care about Europeans, he cares about Russia, China and – most of all – Israel, says author John Laughland.

Netanyahu: Prime or Crime Minister

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been in the driver’s seat on and off since 1996 and is poised to become Israel’s longest-serving leader. The veteran politician, widely known as ‘Bibi’, is also at risk of losing his grip on power after a series of corruption scandals involving him came to light. RT America correspondent, Anya […]

Scandal du Jour: Tel Aviv PM Netanyahu’s Wife Sara Begins Trial for Fraud

As the scandals and legal trials dogging Israel’s first family continue unabated, the prime minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, began her own trial on Sunday for fraud and breach of trust. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, on Sunday showed up in court to begin her trial for fraud and breach of trust, in […]

Israel pounds Gaza in ‘retaliation’ as 3 Palestinians killed, 370+ injured in border clashes (VIDEO)

At least three people, including a 12-year-old, were killed by Israeli troops as some 20,000 Palestinians rallied at the Gaza border. Amid the clashes, the IAF struck ‘terrorist targets’ in retaliation for border breach attempts. Thousands of Palestinian activists assembled near the Gazan-Israeli border, with some trying to breach the fence amid a heavy Israeli […]

US to send Israel more F-35s after Moscow supplies S-300s to Syria – reports

The US will reportedly provide Israel with more F-35s after Russia supplied Syria with S-300 missile systems. Moscow’s move came in response to the downing of a Russian military plane, which it partly blamed on Israel. US President Donald Trump decided to lend a hand to America’s most devoted ally following consultations at the “highest […]

Russia Capable of Denying Israel Access to Syrian Airspace – Senior Russian MP

MOSCOW – Russia may take steps to prevent further incidents involving the Israeli Air Force jets and has all the capabilities to close Syrian airspace to Israeli military aircraft if it becomes necessary, a member of the Russian parliament’s upper house’s defense committee, Frants Klintsevich, told Sputnik on Sunday.

Russian MoD: Israeli F-16 hid behind Russian Il-20 plane to avoid Syrian missile

Data captured by Russia’s S-400 system in Syria proves Israeli jets were responsible for the downing the Russian plane, the Defense Ministry said, adding that the Syrian missile changed its course shortly before hitting the Il-20. Data captured by Russia’s S-400 system in Syria proves Israeli jets were responsible for the downing the Russian plane, […]

Syria to get Russia’s S-300: Here’s what you need to know about the missile system

On the heels of an Israeli air raid on Syria, which saw the downing of a Russian plane, Moscow will now deliver S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Damascus. Here’s a quick guide to the sophisticated weapon and its capabilities. The Syrian Army has long sought to procure the S-300 from Russia, but talks which began in […]

Russia’s S-300 delivery shows Israel who’s in charge, but not aimed at hurting relations – analysts

Russia’s decision to boost Syrian air defenses in response to the downing of an Il-20 plane amid an Israeli raid is meant to sting, but not pose a serious threat to Israel’s national security, experts told RT. Last week, a Russian Il-20 electronic warfare plane with 15 crew on board was shot down off Syria’s […]

Israel’s Military Selfishness, Lack of Coordination Led to Il-20 Crash – Scholar

CAIRO (Sputnik) – Israel is guided solely by its military interests in the region, and this factor along with the lack of coordination with the Russian side led to the crash of Russia’s Il-20 military plane in Syria, Egyptian military expert Adil Suleiman told Sputnik. The Egyptian analyst noted that the tragedy was the result […]



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