Gassing is bad, but OK for some: US complicity in past chemical attacks
US hypocrisy over its self-righteous military attack on Syria over a recent alleged use of not-yet-verified chemical weapons in Douma raises the question: Is gassing bad, but OK for some countries? The reason for asking is the rush to judgment by the United States, Britain and France to bomb selected military locations in Syria, [...]
‘Monster’ Created in Iraq by US Invasion Put Iran’s Security at Risk – Diplomat
The 2003 US invasion of Iraq had devastating consequences not only Iraq itself, but for the region as a whole. Speaking to Sputnik, Iranian political scientist and diplomat Seyed Hadi Afghani recalled how the US invasion undermined the security of Iraq's eastern neighbor, and set the stage for the rise of Daesh.* [...]
‘Where is the coalition?’ Mosul still a corpse-filled ruin months after liberation (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
More than half a year after being liberated, Mosul's battle wounds still fester. Entire districts lie in ruins with bodies scattered in the streets, and locals say they have yet to see the aid they were promised. [...]
Journalist reveals how arms experts tracked down illicit US supplies to Iraq ISIS workshop
This is how an EU-funded group of arms experts went to Iraq and Syria to explore Islamic State’s well-oiled manufacturing machine, only to find that the US routinely violated arms control clauses. [...]
Law of War? Civilian Deaths in US Strikes in Syria, Iraq Soar Under Trump
It’s a nightmare: civilian deaths in Syria and Iraq in the ongoing war against Daesh are rising faster than local officials, and remote military intelligence gathering, can count, and the US-led coalition seems unwilling to do anything about it. [...]
‘We Don’t Want Your Bases’: Iraqi Vice-President Warns US Army to Back Off
The Iraqi army and Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), not the US, should take the credit for the recent liberation of Mosul from the Daesh terrorist group, Iraqi Vice-President Nouri al-Maliki said on Friday. [...]
Civilian death toll rises to 484 from US-led coalition strikes in Iraq & Syria
A new Operation Inherent Resolve report has upped the official civilian death toll of the US-led aerial bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq by more than a third, confirming 484 civilian deaths – while activists claim the figure is several times higher. [...]
‘Time to sound the alarm bells’ as Mosul plight has ‘escalated to the limit,’ Moscow says
The humanitarian plight of war-torn Mosul has “escalated to the limit,” with the Iraqi president comparing it to a “full-on catastrophe,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said. “It’s time to toll the alarm bells,” the official added.   [...]
The War on Iraq in 2003 Was and Will Always Be a Crime
The months leading up to the war in Iraq, unleashed on 20 March 2003, saw the very best of humanity engaged in a struggle with the very worst for the right to shape the future. When it comes to the very best of humanity, we are talking an anti-war movement that for a brief moment grew so large, powerful and determined that th [...]
‘Worse number of airstrike casualties in Mosul than during Aleppo, media fails to cover‘ – monitor
The number of civilian casualties from airstrikes by the US-led coalition in the Iraqi city of Mosul exceeds the numbers reported by the media during the operation to retake Aleppo by Syrian and Russian forces, the London-based Airwars monitoring group has said. [...]
Iraqi MPs urge punitive measures against US in return for Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’
The Iraq parliament want measures to be taken in response to President Trump’s executive order banning entry to the US to citizens of seven Muslim countries. Iraqis consider the measure “unfair,” and a panel has asked the government to “reciprocate.” [...]
Iraqi forces discover ISIS chemical weapons arsenal in Mosul
French and Iraqi forces have uncovered a mustard agent and missiles in an area formerly controlled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) during a sweep of eastern Mosul. The mustard agent was found in an abandoned storage area near the historic Nineveh ruins, AP reported, hoping to avoid attracting attention from locals [...]
‘Big Lies Told by Bush and Blair Led Up to Carnage in Nice’
A report released in London earlier this month concluded that the 2003 decision by the US and Britain to invade Iraq was based on flawed intelligence data and assessments as Saddam Husseim posed no threat and did not possess any weapons of mass destruction. [...]
Damning Chilcot Report Confirms Iraq Invasion Was Bush/Blair’s War of Choice
"I will be with you, whatever," former British Prime Minister Tony Blair pledged to U.S. President George Bush on July 28, 2002. That vow was made public Tuesday in the damning Chilcot Inquiry, underscoring the investigation's conclusion: The invasion of Iraq was decided on well before all peaceful resolutions were exhausted, pr [...]
‘Chilcot reveals: Case for Iraq war made before weapon inspections’
It would be good to see that on the basis of the Chilcot report Tony Blair could potentially face prosecution for war crimes, Anne Machon, former British intelligence officer told RT. Other experts also weighed in with their opinions. [...]

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