Russia & India ditching US dollar in defense deals
Moscow and Delhi are seeking to bypass US sanctions by using the rupee and the ruble in facilitating military deals, according to Indian daily, the Economic Times. The paper reports that US sanctions are hampering $2 billion in defense deals between Russia and India, as payments are getting stuck. [...]
US advises India to consider consequences of purchasing Russia’s S-400 systems
Washington has warned New Delhi that procurement of Russian advanced military systems may jeopardize defense cooperation and technology sharing between the US and India, as well as “interoperability” between their armed forces. “There is a lot of concern in the US administration and Congress with the S-400,” House Armed [...]
India & Iran drop dollar in oil trade to bypass US sanctions – report
India will reportedly pay for Iranian oil in rupees as the two countries seek to bypass US sanctions against Tehran, industry officials have told the Sputnik news agency. Under the deal, the payments for oil will be made through India’s state-run UCO Bank, which has no US exposure. The countries are also discussing the barter- [...]
Barriers to Defense Ties With Russia ‘Mere Speculation’ – India Foreign Ministry
DAVOS (Sputnik) - Reports on disagreements between Russia and India in the area of defense industry cooperation are based on speculation and the two states maintain strong ties in defense cooperation and are developing a partnership on transfers of technology, Mobashar Jawed Akbar, Indian minister of state for external affairs, [...]
Flat Refusal: India Dismisses US Offer of F-16 Jets
India's defense minister expressed that India is not interested in acquiring US F-16 fighter aircraft despite aggressive lobbying by Lockheed Martin. In what can be seen as a sharp denial to the US, India has dismissed a proposal made by Lockheed Martin Corp to build F-16 fighter jets in India. [...]
Ecological Meltdown And Nuclear Conflict: The Relevance Of Gandhi In The Modern World
A few months ago, entrepreneur Charles Devenish contacted me to tell me about his plans to develop various mining enterprises across India. He spoke about the massive amounts of untapped mineral resources lying beneath India that is just lying there and has been for a long time. [...]
World’s first solar airport takes off in southern India
Solar provides 100 percent of electricity to airport, with excess power sold to the grid and bought back at night. Cochin International Airport in southern India’s Kerala state may be best known as the gateway to the tourist beaches and houseboats of the region’s famous backwaters. Now it has a new claim to fame: world’ [...]
Moscow confirms India considering free trade zone with Eurasian Economic Union
India has proposed creating a free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia, said Alexey Pushkov, head of the International Committee of Russian State Duma. "The question was raised by India, which is now considering a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union. [...]
Russia ratifies $100bn BRICS New Development Bank
The Russian State Duma has ratified the $100 billion BRICS bank that’ll serve as a pool of money for infrastructure projects in Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa, and challenge the dominance of the Western-led World Bank and the IMF. The New Development Bank is expected to start fully functioning by the end o [...]
US & India reach ‘breakthrough understanding’ on stalled civil nuke trade deal
The first fruit of Barack Obama’s trip to India is the “understanding” which may finalize the civil nuclear cooperation agreement of 2008, which was supposed to clear the way for the sale of nuclear fuel and reactors to India. [...]
How diamond diplomacy adds sparkle to Indo-Russian ties
Direct trade between India and Russia in rough diamonds is a diplomacy gem which was a Russian initiative buttressed by some quick decision-making by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The matter has been under discussion through the diplomatic channels between the two countries for quite some time and came up in a brief discussio [...]
20 deals in 24 hours: Russia-India relations given $100 billion-worth boost
The economic burden of Western sanctions has pushed Russia to the east in search of business opportunities. Judging by the outcome of President Putin’s visit to India - 20 high-profile deals struck – Moscow’s ‘pivot to Asia’ is getting a warm welcome. Russian President Vladimir Putin achieved this during his visit t [...]
Putin: Nuclear projects core of cooperation between Russia and India
When President Putin makes his lightning one-day visit to India, the main thing on his mind will be power. He'll be discussing nuclear cooperation and energy when he meets Prime Minister Modi. “Nuclear energy cooperation is one of the pillars of our strategic partnership. We concluded two inter-governmental agreements in th [...]
‘Modi’s India center of multipolar world – this threatens US hegemony’
Washington's hegemonic position is being threatened by a new global movement that is fast becoming reality, with the BRICS group being a very important component of creating a truly multipolar world, Don DeBar, of CPR News, told RT. On Sept. 26, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the US for his first official visi [...]

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