With friends like these who needs enemies? China makes Canada pay for playing US lackey

The wars of words between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau may have grabbed headlines, but Canada has always remained a faithful US ally, apparently believing it’s a safe bet. The strategy, however, has backfired.

Enter the dragon: China’s crucial role in winning Syria peace

China is stepping up its involvement in Syria, not with its military, but with cash. For Beijing, war-torn Syria is an opportunity for reconstruction business. For Damascus, prosperity means peace.China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem have shown through their cordial  discussions that Beijing and Damascus are on the same page when […]

China’s CNPC takes over Iranian mega gas project from France’s Total

China’s state-owned energy major CNPC has replaced France’s Total in Iran’s South Pars gas project, according to Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh. The French company withdrew from Iran under pressure of US sanctions.

China Poised to Boost Ties With EU Amid Beijing-Washington Trade War

The current trade row between Washington and Beijing escalated in July, when the US announced 25 percent duties on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods, to which Beijing responded by imposing restrictions on the same amount of US imports.

US-China Trade War May Prompt Chinese to Enter Russian Market – Moscow Exchange

Beijing-Washington trade war could motivate Chinese investors to take a different look at the Russian market and prompt them to bring their capital to Russia in the near future, Managing Director of the Money and Derivatives Markets at Moscow Exchange Igor Marich said.

US Scrambling to Counter Growing Chinese, Russian Influence in Latin America

The US Air Force Chief of Staff has said that both China and Russia are ready to step in to fill a power vacuum in Latin America left by Washington. The United States should pay more attention to Latin America, lest China and Russia take root in the region, US Air Force Chief of Staff […]

China just dumped the biggest load of US Treasuries in 8 months

In September, China’s share of US Treasuries holdings had the highest decline since January as ongoing trade tensions with Washington forced the world’s biggest economy to take measures to stabilize its national currency. Still the biggest foreign holder of the US foreign debt, China slashed it’s share by nearly $14 billion, with the country’s holdings […]

US to expand Pacific military base together with Australia in bid to stop China’s growing influence

The US has said it will join Australia in the development of a naval base on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island to “protect the freedom of the seas,” in a move apparently aimed at curbing China’s presence in the Pacific. Australia, a staunch US ally in the Pacific, had already set its sights on Papua New […]

Big giants in the room? APEC failure as leaders cancel joint statement amid US-China spat

For the first time, leaders of 21 Asia-Pacific economies have failed to issue a joint communique, as tensions between the US and China over trade and investment poisoned their annual summit. Pointing to the “two big giants in the room,” the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation’s (APEC) chair, Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, informed Sunday’s closing news […]

US Attempts to Pull ASEAN Nations Away From China – Journalist

The 33rd summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Singapore concluded on Thursday, focusing on the increasingly unstable South China Sea and on free trade across the region. US leaders used the event to try and draw countries away from China.

Power play: China wants to boost trade & energy cooperation with Russia

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang said Beijing is ready to further develop economic ties with Russia, increasing bilateral trade and facilitating mutual access to each other’s markets. “China is ready to boost energy, innovation, finance and trade cooperation with Russia,” Li Keqiang said during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the ASEAN Summit […]

Hitting Where It Hurts: Why Russia, India and China Are Growing Non-Dollar Trade

Much has been made of the possible geopolitical motivations behind the decision to price the $5 billion Russian-Indian S-400 deal in roubles, and Moscow and Beijing are eyeing another rouble/yuan-based trade compact. However, Sputnik has discovered that there’s also a purely economic reason for the three countries to move away from the dollar.

Russia’s De-Dollarisation Goes Full Throttle, US Can’t Help But Notice It

Russia has been implementing a comprehensive plan to diminish the country’s reliance on the dollar as a proactive measure amid the Trump administration’s sanctions spree. Moscow is not alone in seeking to de-dollarize its economy. Market players from Europe to Asia are increasingly switching to national currencies.

E-commerce behemoth Alibaba smashes ‘Singles Day’ records with $1bn in sales in just 85 seconds

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has smashed records for its Singles Day, the world’s biggest 24-hour shopping event, despite an ongoing trade war with the US and waning domestic interest in the event.

US calls for end to South China Sea militarization, China says to stop sending warships

The US pressed China to halt militarization of the South China Sea during a joint news conference on talks aimed at smoothing already tense relations ahead of this month’s G20 summit in Argentina. “We have continued concerns about China’s activities and militarization in the South China Sea,” US Secretary for State Mike Pompeo told media […]



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