Chinese tourism to Russia booming with record 1.5 million visitors
Tourists from China accounted for the highest number of foreign visitors to Russia last year, according to Chinese Ambassador Li Hui. “The number of Chinese tourists in Russia reached 1.5 million in 2017. [...]
‘Neither good nor easy to win’: EU, China gear up for trade war with US
European and Chinese officials are firing shots across America’s bow over plans by the Trump administration to impose protectionist tariffs on its steel and aluminum imports. A trade war looms as a result. President Donald Trump is expected to set tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on imported aluminum this [...]
China overtakes US as world’s largest economy
The Chinese economy just pushed past the US to become the world’s largest economy (at least according to purchasing power parity). Although long expected by many experts, the Asian powerhouse’s snatching of the top spot has taken some by surprise. Euro Pacific Capital President Peter Schiff speaks with RT’s Ben Swann on wh [...]
Chinese State Media Says US Government Shutdown Lays Bare ‘Chronic Flaws’
On Saturday, the US federal government shut down due to a lack of funding after Democrats in the Senate prevented Republicans from passing the spending bill. The US government shutdown raises questions about the viability and legitimacy of America’s political system, Chinese state media has reported. [...]
China unveils huge plans for the Arctic, with ‘Polar Silk Road’ on the way
Beijing has announced plans to extend the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative to the Arctic by developing shipping routes, in a project dubbed the Polar Silk Road. In a white paper released on Friday, the country said it expects to have a “major role in expanding the network of shipping routes” and noted that “as a result o [...]
PetroChina’s biggest refinery doubles Russian pipeline oil intake
Since the new Russia-China oil supply agreement took effect at the start of the year, PetroChina’s largest refinery has almost doubled the amount of Russian pipeline crude oil that it is processing. A senior industry source with direct knowledge of the volumes told Reuters, the 410,000-bpd PetroChina refinery in the northeast [...]
Railway Diplomacy: How ‘China is Building Routes in All Possible Directions’
Beijing has stepped up its "railway diplomacy" by boosting its infrastructural projects simultaneously on three continents. Speaking to Sputnik, analysts highlighted China's competitive advantages and shed light on the obstacles the People's Republic is facing while implementing its initiatives. [...]
‘Most important relations’: How US pressure may help turn China-Russia strategic ties into alliance
The Chinese Ambassador has praised the Russia-China relationship as “the best in the world,” but analysts tell RT it falls short of a close economic or military alliance. This may change if Washington chooses to confront Beijing.   [...]
RAND Corporation: US May Lose Potential Conflict Against Russia, China
A new report issued by the US-based research think tank RAND Corporation has suggested that under the threat of open confrontation with Russia and China, the United States is likely to suffer sufficient losses and eventually will be defeated. [...]
Trump Ended Up Calling Upon Russia, China to Help Solve N Korean Issue
After threatening Pyongyang with a military option US President Donald Trump turned to Russia and China calling upon them to join his efforts to solve the North Korean dilemma, analysts told Sputnik, explaining what is behind the new US sanction policy targeting the world's financial institutions that work with North Korea. [...]
Trump in Asia: How Power Has Shifted Since Richard Nixon’s Trip to China in 1972
US President Donald Trump has arrived in Beijing for a two-day visit as part of his five-nation tour of Asia. Sputnik looks at how the relationship between the US and China has changed Richard Nixon's historic eight-day trip in 1972. [...]
Dollar should not dominate the world – Russian PM Medvedev
The international financial system needs to balance which is why there is no place for a dominant currency, said Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev. “The balanced system of financial relations should be based on the use of various reserve currencies, various forms of settlement. There should be no domination of any one currency,” s [...]
Need for Speed: China Revives World’s Fastest Bullet Trains
China raised the maximum speed of its popular Beijing-Shanghai bullet trains up to 350 kph Tuesday, following years of restrictions amid safety concerns. China's Fuxings have once again become the world's fastest trains with the journey between Beijing and Shanghai being reduced from 5 hours and 45 minutes to 4 hours and 28 [...]
US to Lose ‘Economic War’ Against China Amid Loss of Global Leadership
The United States dare not enter a trade war with China because it would certainly lose as it has already lost global economic, manufacturing and purchasing power leadership, analysts told Sputnik. [...]
The US ‘Can’t Do Much’ to Prevent China From Becoming World’s Economic Leader
Commenting on the recent statement of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon that the US is at 'economic war' with China, Hong Kong-based political scientist Joseph Cheng explained to Sputnik that the US, in fact, can't do much to prevent Beijing from growing into the world's economic leader and why the two countries should a [...]
Trump threatens China with new trade war, Beijing appears unmoved
Amid expectations of the US launching investigations into China’s alleged theft of American intellectual property as well as unfair trade practices, Beijing appears unmoved by the imminent probe while US businesses fear reprisals in case the row unintentionally escalates. Washington is expected to soon announce investigatio [...]

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