This is a Bookmaking Website.

A bookmaking website is a platform that allows us to share stories and news articles from other sources, with backlinks to the original source and no hot linking of images.

You’ll also find no advertising or other promotions on this website, as it is purely used for our own easier in finding and sharing with friends of relevant articles.

The Mission of the MTIC.us Bookmarking Site


Since knowledge is power, this site was created with the sole purpose of providing valuable and interesting information that will provoke YOU…

…to get you into a creative thinking process, with the aim to help you to lead a better life.

The bookmarking format was chosen since it is the most ideal way of sharing articles and videos without violating copyrights, for a non-revenue website without ads or personal interest. 

This provides the opportunity to offer a wide variety of information that should serve you, and not the interests of the corporate elite and their biased and controlled news media.

This bookmarking platform further enhances the convenience of easy sharing posts and links via social networks, but that’s not where it ends. You can also save your own bookmarks, as well as others that interest you.

Of course, you must register to be able to use those functions, but being FREE should make it affordable.

Unfortunately, to keep spammers from posting links to porn sites, or shady offers, links are not life immediately and need to be approved.

Since this bookmarking site is not niche-oriented and caters to all kinds of alternate news, you can narrow the bulk you’re not interested in by using Categories, or Tags even more specifically.

If you like to register to save articles for you to read later, please use the contact form for approval. As for new article submission, since we already have over 8.250 posts since Jan 1st, 2024 no new article recommendations are desired.