Why the United States Can NEVER Stop Israel🎞

Why the United States Can NEVER Stop Israel🎞

The U.S. has many reasons for not pushing Israel to accept a cease-fire, including a common desire to destroy Hamas.

The Biden administration faces pressure from progressive Democrats, Arab officials and even some U.S. diplomats to help end the Israel-Hamas war. But the White House doesn’t necessarily want to stop the fight — at least not yet.

Even if it did, Israel probably wouldn’t listen.

The Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas is dividing the world. “Given that these bombings are being done using our tax dollars, perhaps we should ask some questions,” Joy Reid says of Israel bombing Gaza in her commentary on the Israel-Hamas war.

What in the hell is wrong with Israelis!

The psychosis that has taken hold in Israel should shock any sane observer. This is the dark side of human psychology.

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Israel controls America and achieved it not just through AIPAC🎞, and AIPAC’s campaign influence🎞, but primarily by embarrassing the US to a degree to Cover Up A Deathly Attack On A US Ship. If you have the courage to discover if your truth is your own or a product of well-deceived delusions, click the buttons below.