Assumptions Are Leadership Quicksand

Assumptions Are Leadership Quicksand

Why assumptions are the the mother of all fuckups!

Leadership quicksand looks like solid ground that can confidently and competently be stomped on, but it’s not.

In fact, it’s not like it seems at all.  When leaders walk head held high, chest puffed out, all knowing with ego leading the way, that’s the surest way to sink in deep.

Leaders often make assumptions in four areas that have big implications: Customers, Colleagues, Employees, the Organization.

1.  Leaders sink when… They make an assumption about what’s best for the customer

While customers may not always be clear on what’s possible or the best solution to their problem, they have a vision.  Pushing your agenda, vision and solutions without regard for their culture and customers is a recipe for failure.

The Way Out:

Set your ego aside and set up time with your customer to ask them how you’re doing.  Ask if they’re happy too.  Don’t be afraid of the answer.  Honesty is a gift and it will likely humble you along the way.  Embrace it.

2.  Leaders sink when… They make an assumption about the viability of their peer’s ideas

When leaders believe that they are the only ones with great ideas; that they’re better, smarter, or savvier – relationships sufferIt’s hard to build a network when you’re the most arrogant person in the room.

The Way Out:

Celebrate your colleague’s successes without expectation of return.  Resist poking holes and judging but instead ask questions to understand their perspective and learn.

3.  Leaders sink when… They make an assumption about the intersection of skills and passion for their employees

The guy on the analytics team?  He has degree in HR and a thriving blog about team building.  They new hire on the testing team?  She has a degree in psychology and a strong desire to move into operations management.  Leaders that give employees more of the same, even with bigger titles and more responsibility, ultimately are faced with the resignation of key players.

The Way Out:

Recognize two important things:

  1. Today’s experiences are stepping stones not lasers.
  2. The people on your teams are not you – no matter how much of yourself you may see in some of them.

The only way to know where your employees want to take their careers is to ask them.
Mentor, coach, and support. Help people grow their skills and get to where they want to go.

4.  Leaders sink when… They make an assumption that the organization so strong that innovation isn’t necessary

Leaders that assume that the market will love them forever are delusional.  Start-ups are nimble, like riding the waves on a surfboard.  By the time it’s a full-fledged corporation, it is more like an ocean liner.  Unfortunately, for an ocean liner, it’s hard to have a 360 view of what’s in the way, stopping them from staying the course, until it’s too late.  Remember the Titanic?

The Way Out: 

Stop making up stories about how your organization is different and will never be obsolete.  Even if your industry isn’t going to disappear, business models need to evolve.  Be intentional about innovation now.  Get out of the red ocean and into the blue before it’s too late.

Assumptions don’t serve us.  Stop deluding yourself that you’re smarter, better and all-round more deserving than everyone else and step up and a be a leader.  The world needs your leadership, not your assumptions and certainly not another egotistical, know-it all that’s better than everyone else.