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It Takes Guts: This is Why Putin is West’s Most Indispensable Ally (4 videos)
The Empire Files: Abby Martin with Dr. Jill Stein – Symptoms of a Sick Society (6 videos)
Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight (6 videos)
Hillary Clinton Hates Muslims
The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior (3 videos)
Why Many Liberals Are Voting For Jill Stein Instead of Hillary Clinton (8 videos)
Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks (3 videos)
Is World War III on? (3 videos)
Judge Nap: Many in the Intelligence Community ‘Fear’ a Hillary Presidency
The Biggest News Story Of The Year… And You Probably Never Even Heard About It! (9 videos)
WikiLeaks Releases Hacked Audio of US Democratic Party Voicemails (4 videos)
Full Show – Europe Is Collapsing Under Islamic Siege (6 videos)
Europe will now think twice before following Washington’s orders – Ex-CIA Officer (3 videos)
Ein näherer Blick auf WLADIMIR PUTIN (German 12 videos)
Anakonda: Die NATO auf Reptilienniveau (German)
Raimond de Hullu’s vision for Oas1s green buildings
Chris Hedges: The Algebra of Revolution
Emergency! Planet Close to WWIII
(6 videos)
Obama Admits U.S. Overthrew Democratically Elected Ukrainian Government (6 videos)
Dr. Jill Stein Interview With The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur (3 videos)
BREAKING: This Lawsuit Might End Hillary’s Run & Prove Election Fraud! (6 videos)
Ron Paul: Audit The Fed Bill Is Marching To Victory
US still uses floppy disks to control nuclear bombers & ballistic missiles (3 videos)

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