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Ex-Top Reagan Advisor: Russia Has Risen Like the Phoenix Amid US Decline

Democracy is in discredit and is no longer a precondition to have a country’s economy prosper, Patrick Buchanan, an American politician who served as a top advisor to three US presidents, suggests.

World’s Biggest Construction Ship to Start Laying Nord Stream 2 Pipes Next Week

The world’s largest construction vessel, Pioneering Spirit, will begin laying pipes for the Nord Stream 2 project in the Finnish exclusive economic zone next week, Nord Stream 2 AG said in a statement.

Number of prisoners in Russia hits record low

Russia enjoys a record-low number of inmates, thanks to “humanization” of the penal code, deputy chief of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) has said, adding that the number of jailed people is expected to shrink further. Over the past few years, the number of inmates in Russia has dropped by nearly 250,000, the FSIN deputy […]

Latest Odds of a Shooting War Between NATO and Russia

Hungarian scholar George Szamuely tells Ann Garrison that he sees a 70 percent chance of combat between NATO and Russia following the incident in the Kerch Strait and that it is being fueled by Russia-gate. George Szamuely is a Hungarian-born scholar and Senior Research Fellow at London’s Global Policy Institute. He lives in New York […]

Stunning Miss Universe – Iceland 2018 Turns Out to Be Russian

The much-anticipated finals are due to take place in Thailand in mid-December, with Russia being represented by beautiful Yulia Polyachikhina from Cheboksary. The winner of the contest “Miss Universe — Iceland 2018” Katrin Lea Elenudottir, who is representing the Nordic country in the “Miss Universe” finals, was born in Russia, according to the news portal […]

US Meltdown Over TU-160s

Two long-range Russian bombers landed in Venezuela this week and the United States immediately flew into a fit of rage. Top diplomat Mike Pompeo had a virtual mental meltdown on Twitter, denouncing Russia and the South American country for daring to cooperate in holding a military exercise.

Macron’s European army has arrived. It goes by the name Gilets Jaunes

Anyone who’s ever tasted teargas will attest how unpleasant it is. I tasted it in Paris on Saturday 8 December as the city turned into a war zone. I am writing these words in a hotel room in central Paris in the aftermath of a day of rage, unleashed by the self-styled gilets jaunes (yellow […]

With friends like these who needs enemies? China makes Canada pay for playing US lackey

The wars of words between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau may have grabbed headlines, but Canada has always remained a faithful US ally, apparently believing it’s a safe bet. The strategy, however, has backfired.

The real reason Western media & CIA turned against Saudi MBS

Forces are aligning against Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, lead by elements within the CIA and strong players in the mainstream media. But what is really behind this deterioration in relationship, and what are its implications? Following the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, western media and various entities, including the CIA, appear to […]

Russia says it’s business as usual, EU sanctions extension changes nothing

The European Union’s economic sanctions against Russia will be extended for another six months, European Council President Donald Tusk has said. The measures targeting Russia’s economy were due to expire next month. “The EU unanimously prolongs economic sanctions against Russia given zero progress in implementation of Minsk agreements,” Tusk said on Twitter.

Russia & Syria to dump dollar in mutual trade, agree joint energy projects

The Moscow-Damascus Intergovernmental panel has reached a series of agreements, including switching to national currencies in mutual settlements and commercial energy exploration in Syria. “Mutual settlements, transport and logistics – as far as I’m concerned these issues have been settled,” Vladimir Padalko, Vice-President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry told journalists on the […]

Enter the dragon: China’s crucial role in winning Syria peace

China is stepping up its involvement in Syria, not with its military, but with cash. For Beijing, war-torn Syria is an opportunity for reconstruction business. For Damascus, prosperity means peace.China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem have shown through their cordial  discussions that Beijing and Damascus are on the same page when […]

Israelgate? As Russia probe runs dry, Mueller may turn to Middle East to pursue Trump ‘collusion’

Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly preparing to shift the focus of the interminable Russiagate investigation to the Middle East, where at least three countries may have tried their hands at “election meddling.”

Washington’s Africa Strategy: ‘Our investments – good & fair, Chinese and Russian – bad & predatory’

When the US lends money to African nations or invests into the continent, everything is fair and beneficial to all sides, but when other nations do so, it is practically colonialism 2.0, Washington’s new Africa Strategy says.

Russia Warns USA: We Will Put “Combat Coverings” Over All American Targets

Has the U.S. used the INF Treaty as bait to lure the Russian bear to war? Today on TruNews we analyze what Putin meant by “combat coverings” and how NATO’s recent drills are translating into real threats against Kaliningrad and Crimea. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart. Russia Warns USA: We Will Put “Combat Coverings” […]



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