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UN Security Council unanimously adopts Syria resolution

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution outlining the details of taking under international control and ultimately destroying Syria’s chemical arsenal. “Today’s historic resolution is the first hopeful news on Syria in a long time,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the council immediately after the vote.

American exceptionalism an “€˜outdated”€™ concept

The longstanding notion of US exceptionalism has deep roots in the American psyche, but as the world experiences a “tectonic shift in global geopolitics” the very idea of Washington’s superiority is being challenged, analyst Eric Draitser told RT. Earlier this week, President Barack Obama reaffirmed Washington’s desire to engage in the affairs of other states, […]

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life. Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that. Hopefully some of these maps will surprise you and you’ll learn something new.

Hitler Speech To The World

This is exactly what’s happening in America and the world! Unemployment, etc! We should be ashamed of letting them do this to us that has been going on since the early 1900s. We Americans need to wake up now, before it is too late!

Klayman Sets Date For Revolution To End Obama’s ‘Reign Of Terror’

The totally-not-delusional Larry Klayman has finally set a date for his proposed uprising to remove President Obama from office: November 19. The Judicial Watch founder writes today that protesters protesters will “descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and demand that he leave town and resign from office if he does not want to face prison […]

The cashless society is coming. More reason than ever to use cash

Oliver Burkeman: Want to resist purchases you’ll regret? Use physical money. The problem with the ‘frictionless’ future is that friction can be good. Silicon Valley is getting all excited again, in its Silicon Valleyish way, about the future of how we pay for things. The specific cause of excitement, this week, is the news that […]

US Death Rates Increase from Fukishima Fallout

Dr. John Apsley reported on increased deaths in North America that he believes are associated with the Fukushima catastrophe, and the leaking of radiation. There was a spike in infant mortality rates within the first 10 weeks of the catastrophe in cities across the US, and the radiation contamination likely came through rainfall, he said, […]

Wake Up Call 2013

It’s time for the American people to wake up! We as a people have seen enough. It’s time to act! How Do You Kill 11 Million People? The Greatest Speech Ever Made It’s high time to wake up!

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the ‘pathetic’ American media

Pulitzer Prize winner explains how to fix journalism, saying press should ‘fire 90% of editors and promote ones you can’t control’. Seymour Hersh has got some extreme ideas on how to fix journalism – close down the news bureaus of NBC and ABC, sack 90% of editors in publishing and get back to the fundamental […]

The 9 Best Herbs for Lung Cleansing and Respiratory Support – Global Healing Center

There are many herbs that provide nutritional support for the body and in this article we’ll take a look at the nine best herbs for lung cleansing! Your respiratory system is constantly working. All day, every day, it is the vehicle for oxygen to enter your body. Unfortunately, it can also be an entry point […]

Nuclear Iodine: Doctor Reveals Fukushima Intel

In a special overdrive segment, Alex takes an in-depth look at the way our bodies react to radioactive fallout from the Fukushima meltdown with Dr. Edward Group, an expert in heavy metal detox and other detox protocols and creator of   Anthony Gucciardi is the Founder of the third largest natural health website in […]

Newly Declassified Government Documents: Pre 9/11 Bin Laden Hijack Plot Was Ignored By US Intelligence

No one believed al Qaeda, Taliban could pull it off. File this under 9/11 government prior knowledge with the mountains of other examples from the past twelve years. Newly uncovered government documents show that the US government ignored a specific warning

Desperate MSM Moves to Kill Off Article Comments

New wave of online censorship as establishment panics about losing ability to dictate reality. Studies confirm that article comment sections – for better or worse – are heavily swaying public opinion. How many times have you read a mainstream news article about NSA spying, drones, gun control or any other other hot button issue where […]

Dollarocracy: Desecrating Democracy One Dollar at a Time | Interview with Robert McChesney

Abby Martin speaks with Robert McChesney, communications professor and author of ‘Dollarocracy’ about the money and media elections complex, and how this cycle profits from the erosion of American democracy. Peter Schiff Warns of Economic Collapse and Martial law Collapse of the Industrial Civilization | Interview with Michael Ruppert “Dollar valueless, about to crash” – […]

Senator Says Politics Have Reached Civil War Levels

The Iowa Democrat, who previously knocked Ted Cruz for his “little tirade,” has a warning for Congress. As the clock ticks down toward a possible government shutdown, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, isn’t holding back. On the Senate floor before 10 a.m. Friday, the senator gave a speech describing how American politics have reached the level […]



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