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US plunges in World Press Freedom index after NSA leaks, attacks on whistleblowers

Press freedom in the United States has suffered “€œone of the most significant declines”€ in the last year after sacrificing information to national security, with the NSA surveillance scandal topping the list of wrongdoing. That’s according to The World Press Freedom Index for 2014 from Reporters Without Borders (RWB), which put the US in 46th […]

“World’€™s first”€™ farmer trial over GM crop contamination begins in Australia

A landmark legal battle between two farmers over alleged GM contamination has started in the Western Australian Supreme Court. The case is expected to determine GM farmers’ liability if their crops affect neighboring territories.

Record number of Americans renounce citizenship thanks to tightening tax laws

A record number of Americans renounced their citizenship or green cards in 2013, according to new data that may draw a complicated picture for US tax assessors who impose financial obligations on citizens living outside the country.

Hackers sue Merkel and entire German government over NSA spying

Europe’€™s largest association of hackers has filed a criminal complaint against the German government for aiding foreign spying by NSA and GCHQ, and violating the right to citizens’€™ privacy, basing their case on leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Destitute Chilean Farmer Defeats Monsanto in Landmark Legal Victory

A landless Chilean farmer has won a landmark lawsuit against Monsanto and thus exposed the dangers posed by the transnational corporation to the whole country. José Pizarro Montoya, a 38-year-old landless farmer from Melipilla (Santiago, Chile), and ex GMO producer (season 2009-2010) is the first and perhaps the only Latin American who has won a […]

Happy 4th of July From…A Wiener Dog

Post by America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Doctor Gets Cancer and Goes On a Raw Food Diet

Dr. Sandra Rangel took good care of herself by exercising and eating what she thought was healthy. Nevertheless, a few years later in December of 2006, she was diagnosed with cancer of her left vocal cord, which was already at stage three. Hear her story of how God healed her and now she is on […]

Attention fliers: Canada’€™s electronic spy agency is following you – new Snowden leaks

Documents released by US whistleblower Edward Snowden show the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) used airport Wi-Fi to track passengers from around the world. Travelers passing through a major Canadian airport were potentially caught up in a vast electronic surveillance net, which allowed the nation’s electronic spy agency to track the wireless devices of thousands […]

€‹Badges for vigilantes: Mexico gives anti-drug militias official status

Mexico is signing up vigilantes in the fight against drug cartels in the western state of Michoacan as an official rural defense group. But not all of the militias are eager to be “€œinstitutionalized”€ by the government. Michoacan will initially register 400-600 militia members in the coming days, AFP reported, citing the state’s federal commissioner […]

“Useless” TSA scanners provided endless fodder for employees, former agent alleges

The Transportation Security Agency was aware that, before they were even introduced, the full-body scanners used at airport security checkpoints were flawed, according to a former TSA agent who alleges employees regularly peered and laughed at travelers.

5 Tips on How to Avoid GMO Foods in the Grocery Store

A conscientious shopper always reads labels when shopping for groceries. But if you are in the United States, those labels won’t tell you if there are genetically modified ingredients inside. Instead, you have to be a bit of a food detective, digging for the information yourself because the government and food producers alike don’t think […]

Monsanto blamed for disappearance of monarch butterflies

As scientists continue to track the shrinking population of the North American monarch butterfly, one researcher thinks she has found a big reason it’€™s in danger: Monsanto’€™s Roundup herbicide.

Appalling truth of Leningrad siege: 95yo Russian writer gives powerful speech at Bundestag

The speech by a 95-year-old witness of the Nazis’ WWII Siege of Leningrad, Russian writer Daniil Granin, stirred German MPs to the core. Some, in tears, said it had made them ponder the need to reassess the entire history of the war.

German Television Does Its First Full Length Interview With Edward Snowden

This video is hosted on LiveLeak and may not play on mobile devices.  It is worth seeking out a computer to watch it.  

What An Amazing Dam. Wait…What’€™s That? Are Those…? No Way!

This is just an ordinary dam in a National Park in Northern Italy. But wait, there is something hidden within the picture. Can you see it? Well how about now? No? Then keep scrolling down. Wait.. are those… Just Amazing!



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