The road to Ukraine started with 1999’s Kosovo War
Supporters of NATO’s war on Yugoslavia have no right to talk about law, sovereignty or borders. Pretty much everyone who has spent the past month moralizing about the sanctity of borders, sovereignty of countries, and how unacceptable it was for great powers to “bully” smaller neighbors – thinking of Russia and Ukraine – paused on Thursday to sing praises to a woman that championed all o [...]
US sides with UK, France out — is NATO unraveling?🎞️
Relations between France and the United States remain considerably cold, even as President Biden acknowledges that the US ought to have been more transparent with France concerning its nuclear submarine deal with the UK and Australia. The deal superseded an earlier agreement Australia had negotiated with France and thereby deprived the latter of the billions of dollars the deal would have yielded. [...]
Plenty more subs in the sea: AUKUS nuclear deal could end up pushing Russia and China closer together but dividing Europe
Former US president Barack Obama once said Russia was a mere “regional power.” Shortly afterward, Moscow answered his charge by helping to defeat American regime-change efforts in Syria, located in a rather different region. Moscow’s power, often denigrated and exaggerated at the same time in the characteristically contradictory style of its Western opponents, is not comparable to that [...]