The 21st Century’s Greatest Statesman!
Vladimir Putin: The 21st Century’s Greatest Statesman! “If we were to use traditional measures for understanding leaders, which involve the defense of borders and national flourishing, Putin would count as the preeminent statesman of our time. What elevates Putin above all other 21st-century leaders? “When Putin t [...]
Jesse Ventura “Lets Look At The Whole 9/11 Conspiracy For A Moment…”
A ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL graduate who enlisted in the Navy in 1969, Ventura earned a spot as an elite SEAL trained in underwater demolition. He shipped out to fight in Vietnam, where he passed the time with cheap beer and easy women. After he got back stateside, he joined a California motorcycle gang called the Mongols. Armed [...]
9/11 The Peace We Lost
15 years ago, an unprecedented terror attack shook America to its core. Everyone remembers where they were the day hijacked passenger planes slammed into the World Trade Centre. We all watched in awe as the Twin Towers crumbled to dust, live on TV. Those events shocked the world and made Americans re-evaluate their beliefs [...]
Letting Saudi Arabia Off the 9/11 Hook
The 9/11 attacks opened a bloody chapter of American history, “justifying” U.S. attacks on multiple countries but not on the one most connected to the terrorism, U.S. “ally,” Saudi Arabia. Why is that, asks Lawrence Davidson. On Nov. 27, 2002, a bipartisan commission was established by Congress to investigate the Sept [...]
‘9/11 History Must be Rewritten’ to Include Saudi Support for Terrorists
Former US senator and co-chairman of a 9/11 inquiry Bob Graham told German television that redacted US documents reveal a network of Saudi support for the al-Qaeda terrorists who carried out the attack which reaches as far as the Kingdom's government. [...]
‘If Merkel wants refugee labor, let them fly to Germany on Lufthansa!’
Europe wants a restrictive policy on refugees because small countries like Austria cannot handle unlimited number of arrivals, Laszlo Maracz, assistant professor of European studies at the University of Amsterdam, told RT. Tensions are rising at the Brenner Pass between Austria and Italy. [...]
Shying Away from 9/11 Evidence
Lee Hamilton has always flinched at implicating important Americans and “allies” in crimes of state – citing the need for near perfect evidence – but that has let complicit parties go unpunished, says 9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser. Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton wrote an opinion piece last week in USAToday, trying to “t [...]
‘Evil Joke’: Iran Told to Pay $10.5 Billion to 9/11 Kin, Insurers
Iran was ordered by a New York City judge to pay more than $10.5 billion in damages to the families of those killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Bloomberg reported. US District Judge George Daniels ruled on Wednesday that Tehran must pay $7.5 billion to the families of people who died at the World Trade Center [...]
Turk Tail Wags US Dog
A spate of atrocities over the past week suggests that the Erdogan regime in Turkey is desperately trying to goad Washington into a wider Syrian war. Who’s giving the orders here? The evidence points to Washington losing control over its regional underlings. That in turn makes the situation all the more volatile and dangero [...]
How Washington’s New Rich Live
The twin explosions of post-9/11 national security extravagance and Citizens United political spending bonanza have reshaped Washington — not only in its political outlook but physically, with this New Class preferring lavish McMansions to show off their newfound wealth, as Mike Lofgren describes. In 1927, H.L. Mencken rode [...]
Why a New 9/11 Commission Is Needed
Terrorism has come to look very different from what confronted the West over a decade ago. Most ad hoc commissions come and go without a trace. Not so, the 9/11 Commission. Its final report became a national bestseller. Its findings served as the touchstone for explaining what happened on that dreadful day the terrorists went [...]
Trump is right again (this time on Bush & 9/11)
Thom discusses whether we’re at the beginning of a third Palestinian intifada with investigative journalist Zaid Jilani, Washington’s phony debt crisis with radio host Ari Rabin-Havt, and how people who order black coffee are more likely to be psychopaths with psychologist Dr. Frieda Birnbaum. In tonight's Daily Take, Thom d [...]
Celebrating Sociopaths: When They Install Dick ‘Vader’ Cheney’s Marble Bust In Our Nation’s Capitol, Will It Include the Dripping Blood?
Brace yourselves. Honoring a perhaps questionable tradition dating to 1898, a marble bust of warmonger, murderer, liar and despised cretin Dick Cheney will be installed in the Capitol's Emancipation Hall (sic). [...]
Double rainbow over WTC on eve of 9/11 anniversary amazes social media (PHOTOS)
An amazing double rainbow has appeared at the place where the World Trade Center used to stand, one day before the anniversary of 9/11, the tragedy that took thousands of lives 14 years ago. The rainbow appeared over the city at about 8am between rain showers. [...]
What They Won’t Tell You About 9/11
The Infowars crew breaks down and discusses all the ways in which 9/11 has been exposed as a false flag. #September11 #NeverForget Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: http://www.infowars.com [...]

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